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And if you eventually get a little tired of shooting, and start looking for more - be sure that we will give you more.
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Multiple game modes, a metric ton of different tactical situations, a moba core that creates many possibilities for fun and meaningful gameplay - and even more!But in CLR you struggle against your opponents, not against your controls.We set out to viking loto aastaloos 2016 make a game with both a light-hearted gameplay that is hard to find today arctic monkeys tranquility base hotel & casino full album and deep tactical potential that allows for sophisticated approach to team play.About This Game, for victory you need only three tools - Cannons, Lasers and Rockets!Click here to see them.We wanted to make something that we ourselves would like to play - a game chock-full of whats cool about spaceships shooting each other up and with none of that boring stuff.No boring parts, only what you come for - going into combat to send some rockets into the other guys hull.We streamlined our gameplay as much as we could, and then we turned the coolness knob up to eleven!We want ships to be weird, plentiful and different - everyone will find one that is suited just for them, both in visual style and the distinct way of playing that comes with every ship.So we made Cannons Lasers Rockets - a fast-paced, bright and colorful space arcade equally enjoyable for hardcore and casual gamers.Space combat IS FUN, we dont really know what «realistic» starships will look like, so we dont really care.In our game you will discover that: space combat IS easy, a videogame spaceship is usually not an easy ride - three-dimensional navigation makes you dizzy and disoriented.We simplified gameplay just enough so you wouldnt need to BE a great star pilot to feel like one.A ship in a game should be fun to look at and fun to ride in, period.
Space combat IS interesting.
Discover a spaceship moba game with 2D combat in 3D environment, wide variety of play styles and fun gameplay for casual and pro gamers alike.

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