Tier 1: Command Rank 1-90, tier 2: Command Rank 91 180.
Best way to kasino pöytäpelit earn Command.As one side dominates, they start to earn ranks 1-5.A random un-modded outfit piece or weapon A random gear piece fully modded with a chance of having a set bonus A random chance to get a crew skill schematic A chance of getting Jawa Scraps, Rank 5 or 6 Companion gifts, pet, mount,.Rating 230 Tier 2: Command Rank 91 180.The max cap for medals is 8 for warzones, ranked arenas and galactic starfighter.If you gain a Command Rank when your side dominates, you will earn light or dark side tokens.Higher tiers give you better equipment with tier 3 giving you the best drops.

3 DPS 1 healer or all DPS you can complete them in 6-8 minutes for anywhere from CXP/hr.Veteran Flashpoint Weekly 200 CXP, master Flashpoint Weekly 300 CXP, story Uprisings Weekly 200 CXP Veteran Uprisings Weekly 300 CXP Galactic Starfighter Weekly 600 CXP Operation Weekly 200 CXP for EV/KP, 400 CXP for all others Toborros Courtyard/Monolith Weekly 100 CXP Weekly Personal Conquest 600.These are RNG loot crates containing various items, one of which is potentially a gear upgrade for you.So assuming full medals you can get 848 CXP for a loss or 1060 CXP for a Win.A list of all the.0 class guides for easy reference, will be updated with new guides.These are world bosses designed for 8-16 players or more.Instead of getting gear drops from doing operations and flashpoints, you will now gain equipment exclusively from the new Galactic Command system via RNG loot crates.If you are dark side but fight for the light alignment, you will gain dark side tokens when light alignment dominates) Light and Dark side tokens can be viewed in the currency tab Victory state lasts for 1 hour.For group activities such as Uprising, Operations, and Flashpoints, you will be placed automatically into a group queue when you click on them.The token you earn depends on your characters alignment (i.e.
During the victory state, players on the winning alignment will get the following benefits Bonus Command Experience points earned (15 boost) During the victory state, players on the losing alignment will get the following benefits Bonus to alignment points gained World bosses of the opposite.

Victory State bonus 15 more CXP.