Brainwave of Horror mc mf ff md in by Jafar Added twitch poker live at the bike man watches his wife and daughter turned into whores; a woman watches her control crumble as those around her turn into.
And to turn his lifeand his wifesupside down.
A Breach in Harmony mc mf ff md fd in gr by Villainy Added 21 December 2008 A mind-controller attempts to take down a powerful Domme.
Blandman vs the Pink Panther mc ff by Lisa Teez Added 27 November 2011 When Expandagirl tries to take crime fighting into her own hands, is she in over her head.The Bank (Roboman127) mc ff rb by Roboman127 Added Updated Robberies, kidnappings how to program poker game and Assassinations are being done by strange shiny black PVC women.BimboTech: Employee Relations mc mf md gr by The Sympathetic Devil Added company hatches a plan to use BimboTech products to reduce employee turnover.The Babysitters Boyfriend mc mf md by MindSpark Added single womans Friday night is ruined when the neighbours ask her to babysit their teenage son.Black Magic mc mf md fd in by Wolflon Added 13 September 2003 Updated Magic does exist in this world, it is dark and black.In the month, she is suffering from writers block and is finding it increasingly difficult to focus and concentrate.Betsy: Anxiety In Latex mc ff mf ma bd by HB5211 Added 10 December 2016 It has been almost a month since Betsy has visited with Heather at a lifestyle party where she was doing research for her stories.Bed and Breakfast mc mm by boyz4sale Added Updated hot couple check into a B B for their honeymoon, and their love life will never be the same.Booty School mc mf md bd by Makari Added Updated woman tries to remeber undergoing her transformation.Beauty and the Brainwash mc mf md by mandala Added Eileen visits a beauty salon, but gets more than she bargained for.Blissful Embrace mc ff ft by DW Added 21 November 2004 College friends share a passion for music, latex, and submission.Will she solve the puzzle or become a victim?BimboTech: An Equal Opportunity Employer mc mf ff md gr by The Sympathetic Devil Added 24 December 2006 Eleanor interviews with BimboTech, Inc.Bimbo or Billionaire: The Inheritance mc mf md by TheHandsThatLead Added 15 February 2014 Victoria has to play the game if she wants to inherit her grandfathers money.
BimboTech: Going Down mc mf md by The Sympathetic Devil Added 19 December 2004 Trixi takes an elevator ride after her visit to BimboTech, Inc.

Blank Space mc mf md by Jukebox Added Mindy wakes up next to a stranger, and cant remember what she did last night.To find a replacement.Black Velvet mc ff by Jukebox Added 06 February 2010 Alma gets her fortune told by a mysterious stranger, and finds out shes got a very interesting future ahead of her.Bunbun the Bunny mc ff ft ds hm by Jakku Added 16 February 2013 A young egghead finds herself falling under the sway of a sly tomboy, soon to become the cutest little bunny slut.Blue (Pan) mc mf in by Pan Added 02 December 2017 Ricks mother helps him with a peculiar medical issue.Bellwether Ranch mc mf fd by Baochai Jya Added teven, Nick and Jeff visit a sensual massage parlour.Bimbos and Trains mc mf ff hm gr by Chrystal Wynd Added Updated Chrystal Heights Rails has ways of dealing with difficult customers.