Gurka (Swedish) Gurka is the Swedish word for cucumber.
A player whose cards add up to more than 21 drops out of the game - there is no second life.
Some allowed players to choose whether to beat or equal the highest (or previous) card prism casino no deposit bonus codes september 2017 or to play their lowest card; others played by the rule that one must equal or beat the highest card if one can.Play is clockwise, beginning with the player to dealer's left.The book Pelataan korttia by Tore Sandgren (1970) gives under the name Kurkku (Cucumber) a Finnish translation of the Swedish rules for Gurka as in Kortoxen, so it may be assumed that the games in Finland and Sweden were similar at this time.Alternatively, the player may choose to take the card played by the previous player from the discard pile.There are many somewhat different versions of Cucumber: the rules vary from country to country, and also within each country.Kortoxen by Einar Werner and Tore Sandgren, Gurka is described as "a comparatively new game".If a single card is led, the rule is the same as in Denmark and elsewhere: subsequent players must beat or equal the highest card in the trick or play their lowest card.2 to 10 are face value, J11, Q12, K13.It is not obvious whether the talking makes any difference to the actual play, since alliances are implicit anyway.Some players keep score by leaving the losing card of each hand face up on the table in front of the person who played.
Win conditions edit Instead of playing until all players but one is eliminated, some games may end as soon as a player crosses the point limit.
Alternatively, play can proceed in reverse order, with players taking a new card before giving one.

Gurka (Norwegian) Norwegian Gurka is very similar to the Danish game. John McLeod, 1997, 2007, 2011, 2013, 2014.Tämä tikkipeli nousi suosioon 1940-luvulla ja levisi maailmalle ennen kaikkea sotilaiden mukana toisen maailmansodan aikana.The player to dealer's left leads any card to the first trick.It is seen in some anime, like baba-nuki; an example of this is in When They Cry.He is then reincarnated with the highest score that any other player currently has accumulated.Many allow players the option to play their lowest card even when able to beat the previous card.