And behind her, an old soldier ran towards her.
I maximize view range first in a majority of my tanks.The giant was looking over here and cried out.That black-haired boy is?I was hoping just a few shots through his armor and it would be over.Considering the long aim time on the T49, Snap Shot is very important.That's right drop from there!Behind the princess, the soldiers carry their schecter blackjack atx fr c-1 comrades and start running.But instead at the ground surrounding the feet of the giant, who was running near the edge of the cliff.What they were confronting is a giant totaling five meters tall.Beyond that a girl in a tattered dress looked over here from the other side.Next time I shop there I'm asking for a receipt!E-Etto, just 10 seconds!It is a state where we are already cornered.The smell of the Demon King.
Ah, yes, the princesss success surely will That's not it, the black-haired magician!

If possible, I would like for you to pretend that I am just passing through, I wonder if it possible to endure for a minute, but just as I thought that.The Highest tier magic explodes instantly and breaks the ground.The soldiers cried out in response to the girl's declaration.So I was planning to run around but.Thinking that way, while having a bitter look.He is the benefactor of my life, and the hero of this time, andbecause he might be an important person for me To that word the old soldier held his breath.Ah, but this magic, it seems like there is time limit?Sixth Sense, Brothers in Arms, Situational Awareness, Recon.The hands of the demon will strike upon us soon.