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'Get Off Of My Cloud' does not really need that much more description from me than 'Satisfaction' - a stonedead classic it is - but I would nevertheless want to draw attention to the fact that it's just as entertaining musically as it is lyrically.'Who's Been Sleeping Here'?"Everyone is better served - including the caregiver - if the caregiver is included as part of the team Rackner says."A surprising number of people don't take deep breaths she says."CeBIT Hannover 2005 (Part 1) New Motherboards at ECS".'Tis a serious question, indeed; but nevertheless I am decreasing the rating of Sticky Fingers by a whole point as a punishment.'Let's Spend The Night Together'?'Protocols' are developed by industry wide organizations." Dear Alexander, I'm writing to you to tell you that your software is the first product I have bought online.'Not Fade Away' has somewhat improved by 1966, as it seems: it's faster, and kicks tons more butt than on their third single, with Keith punching out an almost grungey riff, and Charlie again demonstrating his fascinating 'swing'.'Gotta Get Away' - already boasting all of the Sunday-afternoon laziness of the band's most charming 1966-67 ventures, but combining it with nothing beyond the usual bluesy misogyny." This is the most unpleasant and nagging myth - the myth that revolves around the band name.".it was an enormous surprise; I couldn't believe my eyes.
"A Conversation with Johnny Depp".