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See also removeTranslator translate QTranslator:load and Dynamic Translation.Dynamic properties can be queried again using property and can be removed by setting the property value to an invalid QVariant.Use Q_gadget instead of Q_object to enable the meta object system's support for enums in a class that is not a QObject subclass.Gz (9.3 MB) Source None Oct 14, 2015.See also setParent and children.You can break all of these connections with a single disconnect call.If not, only the specified signal amateur girl lose poker is disconnected.In this case method should also be QMetaMethod.Example: class MainWindow : public QMainWindow public: MainWindow protected: bool eventFilter( QObject *obj, QEvent *ev) override; private: QTextEdit *textEdit; ; MainWindow:MainWindow textEdit new QTextEdit ; setCentralWidget(textEdit bool MainWindow:eventFilter( QObject *obj, QEvent *event) if (obj textEdit) if (event- type QEvent :KeyPress) QKeyEvent *keyEvent static_cast QKeyEvent.The macro is written before the return type, as shown in the following example: class Window : public QWidget Q_object public: Window void normalMethod Q_invokable void invokableMethod ; The invokableMethod function is marked up using Q_invokable, causing it to be registered with the meta-object system.

Applications that need that functionality should find other solutions for their event inspection needs in the meantime.However, getting access to the signal index might be useful when many signals are connected to a single slot.Equivalent to calling QCoreApplication:exit (0).The slot function can be any member function that can be connected to the signal.Core applications are applications without a graphical user interface.We recommend that you connect clean-up code to the aboutToQuit signal, instead of putting it in your application's main function because on some platforms the exec call may not return.DeleteLater is called on an object before QCoreApplication:exec the object will be deleted once the event loop is started.Translations are searched for in the reverse order in which they were installed, so the most recently installed translation file is searched first and the first translation file installed is searched last.
See peyton manning super bowl winning bonus also startTimer killTimer and event.