With hotels on the Pacific and Caribbean coasts, as well as an urban presence in destinations including Cuernavaca and Puebla, the Barceló Hotel Group became a passionate connoisseur of Mexican hotel culture.
Its expansion-driven nature affords it a philosophy of opening up new markets and being a pioneer in launching new and innovative products and services.
First company founded by Simón Barceló Obrador.2010, Ale Valenta 2009 concept design.9.Casino Prague Hotel Hilton and Vinohradska street.Sorry, you do not have access to book the selected hotel.Degustace sect Anna Codorniu,.9.2016, degustace rumu, Sacré-Coeur, Praha,.8.2016, degustace, Gin Mare,.7.2016, svatba, Oko,.7.2016, degustace rumu, Obanská plovárna, Bubene,.6.2016.With this veikkauksen kohteet transaction, although the chain has continued to maintain an interest in North America, where it operates 74 hotels, it made the decision to divide the communication between them.The groups property has been in the hands of the Barceló family for three generations.
Barceló Sants is not only an innovative building with all the attributes of an excellent urban hotel, but also sets a precedent for an ideal hotel for a niche market, such as business and congresses, fully in its element in an economy that.
Five years later, driven by the fantastic success achieved through its entry into the Caribbean, the chain decides to focus its strategy in Central America and entered into Costa Rica.

It is clear to the Barceló family that the Caribbean is a place that, thanks to its beauty, climate and people, would be ideal to welcome visitors.A change in paradigm is observed After a few years of a slowdown in expansion, in spite of the acquisition of some major hotels in Italy, Germany, Greece and the Czech Republic, the chain started the year 2015 with the announcement of six new projects.The dates shown exceed the limit for the calculation of availability.Expansion into Europe, continuing with the dynamic that drove it to consolidate its position in the urban hotels sector, the Barceló Hotel Group decides to take a chance on its European neighbors, which included destinations that are more associated with artistic and bohemian idiosyncrasy.The plan is that these hotels will be completely refurbished by the end of the crisis in order to be able to offer a product of the highest quality.The companys top objective is to position itself as a brand and company standard within the national and international tourism sector, and to ensure that each and every one of its projects is profitable.Národní technické muzeum Praha, Degustace Skotské Whisky Top hotel ples coop, Mattoni bar.11.2014 Degustace whisky Pantheon Plzen, Parník Bohemia degustace rumu,.10.2014 Whisky Live Prague.-27.9.2014, Degustace Tachov, Husitské slavnosti, Airstream bar,.-17.9.2014 Vletní kino Smíchov, Jameson bar Airstream,.9.2014 food parade, Barmanská Show.POP UP club kafkÁ, Vstava Dominika Maree, Kafkv dm, záí 2015.