poker tracker vs poker copilot

Not sure how the features compare.
Re: Copilot Vs PT3, lmfaohaha, 09:10 PM # 3, putTogether enthusiast, join Date: Jun 2010, posts: 76, re: Copilot Vs PT3, i really like poker copilot.
Posts: 2,792 Re: Copilot Vs PT3 Is PCP working with Rush now?
Figure out what 95 of the customers want and go with that rather than trying to please the other 5 too and making an overly complicated product for everybody.PaulieWlnuts veteran, join Date: Oct 2007, location: yoyo, posts: 2,047.That is tough to beat.Generally, I like the fact the Copilot doesn't require so much additional DB installations, etc.It is super simple, super easy to use, no hassles - like a lot of software for the mac.So it depends what you are trying to do with your tracker.Am I missing a good third option?Posts: 2,792 Re: Copilot Vs PT3 Click poker co-pilot in the upper left click preferences click the sign at the bottom left add your HH folders If you have not done that yet.Reason: add.PutTogether, 09:33 PM #.Re: Copilot Vs PT3, i've purchased both Poker Copilot and PT3.Support for 888 Poker and Winamax coming soon.You want to see how you do by position when you cbet an ace high flop with KQ you can do this easily in pokertracker, and there is no way of doing this in copilot (or poker lens for that matter).Also make sure you are saving your HHs, I had a problem on Tilt.As a Mac user, Copilot wins for.Anyone who is having issues should check out the latest beta release of PT3 to see if that resolves the issues.

But it's a little more pricey.Any thoughts or recommendations for a HUD for micro-stakes online play on the Mac?In terms of HUD usability, poker copilot and its not even close.Got Nutz?, 07:59 AM # 7 ihavenopatience enthusiast Join Date: Jun 2010 Posts: 71 Re: Copilot Vs PT3 How can you get a HUD for pokerstars with poker copilot?GroobMusic, 11:03 AM # 14 Brinkytinky journeyman Join Date: Feb veikkaus etelä korea usa vihjeet 2009 Location: #teamtigerwoods Posts: 391 Re: Copilot Vs PT3 Advert said 69 for CoPilot, ended up paying like 87 :S ripoff Brinkytinky, 01:35 AM # 15 GalacticRewind grinder Join Date: Jun 2009 Posts: 613.In terms of strictly reviewing hands from a session, copilot is also superior, with a slick hand replayer displaying HUD stats and a one button way to mark hands for review during play.And I didnt just give it a little shot.While pokertracker blows copilot out of the water in terms of features, stats, customizability, custom reports, etc., the actual performance of PT3 is sorely lacking.PaulieWlnuts, 12:10 AM # 5 coryanderson8 enthusiast Join Date: May 2010 Posts: 68 Re: Copilot Vs PT3 I went with poker copilot.TableNinja II supports simultaneous play at Full Tilt, Party Poker, iPoker, and PokerStars including initial support for PokerStars.Poker lens is also a free beta right now which has a good statset, superfast import, and some decent HUDs, but the GUI is pretty difficult to use.Posts: 68, copilot Vs PT3 coryanderson8, 02:35 AM # 2, lmfaohaha banned, join Date: Jun 2010, posts: 826.Get Hands While Playing.