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Renowned horsemen, adventurers, frontiersmen, warriors, rebels, freebooters and bandits, the Cossacks established their own independent cultural tradition and were granted special freedoms and privileges by Russian, Polish and Turkish rulers in return for military service.
L English spelling variants include: Egoroff, Egorow, Egroff, Egeroff, Yegorov, Yegoroff, Ehoroff, Yehoroff. .L English spelling variants include: Polstoff, Spolsdoff. .It originates from the men's name Vasily.L English spelling variants include: Shinen, Shenin.This term may have been given as a nickname to a child, by superstitious parents, as a sign of good luck.Thomas, Arthur (2007) Gemstones: Properties, Identification and Use.It originates from the term kislii, meaning "sour "acid" or "tart".This surname derives from the term buryy, meaning "brown" or "bay".This patronymic surname is derived from Lazuta, a diminutive form of the men's name Lazar.Indian Journal of Chest Diseases and Allied Sciences.L English spelling variants include: Evanikoff. .Retrieved 24 åbo slottskyrka September 2014.Although popularly associated with China the incense clock is believed bingo loser pictures to have originated in India, at least in its fundamental form if not function.This surname is derived from the dialect verb tsirkat' meaning "to chirp". .This surname originates from kazak, meaning "Cossack".

T his patronymic surname is derived from Apash, a diminutive form of the men's name Ipaty. .Thi s surname originates from the dialect term kurte, meaning "short".It is also suggested that the name can derive from Shashko, a diminutive form of the men's name Alexander.In "Kabaddi, a national sport of India".It indicates a family that originated from the Neva River in northwestern Russia.New Delhi: APH Publishing.See note 64.In an internationalized form, it can be thought of as a complementary and alternative medicine.New York: Springer Publishing.It is also suggested that the name can derive from the term slava, meaning "glory".L English spelling variants include: Chernisheff, Chernishoff. .L English spelling variants include: Kalimanoff, Kalimanow, Kalimanav. .134 Brahmagupta bonus casino 200 also managed to use abbreviations for square roots and cube roots.L English spelling variants include: Lukianoff, Lukanoff. .L English spelling variants include: Zubachoff. .
Ingerman, Peter Zilahy (March 1967).

This surname originates from the dialect term shmak, meaning "tasty".
This surname originates from boldyr, the term for a child of a mixed marraige, for example, the son of a Russian and Tatar.
The Patterns of War Through the Eighteenth Century (Illustrated edition).