Air Attack HD is a vertically scrolling "shmup" (shoot-'em-up game) that pays homage to old-school airplane adventure games like 1942 and lego star wars complete saga character bonus theed palace Aero Fighters.
To upgrade your arsenal, destroy enemies carrying power-ups or purchase add-ons in the shop.
We found Relative Touch to be the best, while Tilt was rather difficult to use.Choose from four different modes: Touch, Relative Touch, Tilt, and Joypad.The controls of Air Attack HD are surprisingly easy to grasp.In it, your mission is to fly through different stages and obliterate hordes of enemies, both in the air and on land.That said, such graphics do require your mobile device to do some heavy lifting, which is not so good for your battery life.As its name suggests, Air Attack HD features a high-quality visual experience with a 3D look and feel.Each airplane is equipped with a different default cannon, and both are capable of dropping crater-making bombs.Air Attack HD is available in the Android Market in three different forms: Part 1 lets you access the first three stages of the game, and comes free of charge; Part 2 costs.95 and opens up the other five stages; and the full version.

If you're into vertically scrolling shooters, or are just a fan roulette croupier tricks of fighter jet warfare in general, we highly recommend Air Attack.This, coupled with some fantastic orchestral music, makes for a highly immersive environment that really sucks you into the game.In Air Attack, you choose one of two unique airplanes and make your way through eight challenging missions.These upgrades can alter the strength and spread of your weapons, and they make the game a heck of a lot more fun.Try the new Google Patents, with machine-classified Google Scholar results, and Japanese and South Korean patents.Air Attack HD is a vertically scrolling.Logo Quiz is the #1 ranked Logo.Guessing, game on Google Play."Alive, I want something alive, warm and throbbing." I never lifted my head, but waited for her reaction with a heavy dose of trepidation.
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