Also, to advance, forward, or pass, as to "buck it along" or to "buck it up the line see buck slip.
I will not walk alone and undisguised into a bar in the Evil Overlord's territory in order to meet keno every 4 minutes with an ex-associate who said a bunch of damaging things about me in one of the Evil Overlord's propaganda pieces.
Biet cach nhay DU : Vietnamese Airborne Ranger, abbreviated bcnd; see airborne ranger; compare mike force, cidg, BDQ, border defense ranger, striker, RF/PF, lrrp, force recon, ranger.
Also, a store or reserve, as of money or blood; see dump, depot.Pararescue, combat control, and weather MIL-pers, who are organized under the Air Force Special Operations Command (afsoc).See concealment, cover, bunker, riprap, defilade, redoubt, emplacement, butt, berm, stand-OFF, revetment, hesco barrier, T-wall, face, sandbag.Not even if he's playing Prince's music.Sir, on that memorable day he swore like an angel from heaven!" reported by an unknown eyewitness to George Washington upbraiding Charles Lee during the battle of Monmouth; Twas but my tongue, 'twas not my soul that swore." by Euripides; "It comes to pass oft.All bumbling conjurers, clumsy squires, no-talent bards, and cowardly thieves in the land will be pre-emptively put to death.Scudder Robert Sneddon William December Starr Marc "The Lone Shark" Whipple Dennis.
Nb: as artisans and shopkeepers in medieval walled towns, the bourgeois was socioeconomically positioned between the peasants and the landlords, and despite being satirized as inelegant and materialistic, casino brownsville their capitalistic bent impelled them toward poker terminology spr reforms that included uprooting feudal trammels and establishing constitutional democracies.

See intel, icap, party line, true believer, rumor, propaganda, white propaganda, NO-doze.I'll be careful what I eat before training flights.BIG green machine : see green machine.They can only be trusted to keep a decent watch about half the time, never mind performing prisoner transfers.See bugle call, drum, boatswain'S pipe, tattoo, salute, ruffles 'n' flourishes, reveille, retreat, taps, cadence, HEP, chantey, hoise, jody call, gung-HO, heave-HO, NO-doze, dance card, passing honors, changing tune, face THE music, rogue'S march.When a Bad Guy uses you for a human shield, certain delicate areas of his body are in striking range of your heel.If I come into possession of an artifact which can only be used by the pure of heart, I will not attempt to use it regardless.Begin at whatever scale your resources allow, and build from there.Black, and Bob Justman) introducing each TV episode and many films: "Space: The final frontier / These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise / Its five year mission / To explore strange new worlds / To seek out new life and new civilizations.I will not give sloppy, wet kisses to the Hero until I verify that he isn't related.Cf: Japanese bento/obento (to manage or provide provisions for an eat-out meal) boxers / boxer shorts : a pair of loose-fitting undershorts with an unsecured fly and either a drawstring or elastic waistband, as issued to men at the reception station before basic military training.Requirements: 70 maximum Life 35 Fire Resistance 35 Lightning Resistance 35 Cold Resistance Optional affixes: increased Physical Damage (Belt) Belt of the Deceiver - despite being very cheap, its an extremely powerful belt.Bladder BAG : collapsible canteen, up to one gallon capacity; see water purification tablet, evaporator, solar still.

I guess the only solution is to take my sweetie on a long vacation and not return until after the Heroic Struggle is completed.
See loyalty, true blue, esprit DE corps, loyalty UP - loyalty down, summum bonum; compare credibility GAP, sedition, treason.
Long the site of a Buddhist shrine, and riddled with caves that were intermittently occupied by guerrillas throughout the vietnam WAR, it hosted a vector and radio relay (RR) site for Allied forces.