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Head, black Mask (i) / Slayer Helm (i) - -, main Hand current_lee'main hand'item-name' current_equipment.Block entity data History edit Java Edition.3.1 12w21a The Ender chest was added to the game and shared the same inventory for all players on a server; Jeb stated that this would be changed to a separate inventory for every player in snapshot 12w24a.5 The Ender chest was based on a suggestion thread on Reddit.An open ender chest.Range'off hand'item-name' current_gic'off hand'item-name'.17w50a Ender chests will now look like presents between December 24 and 26 to suit Christmas.New Nintendo 3DS Edition.7.10 Added ender chests.An ender chest and regular chest in the End City.The community for Old School RuneScape discussion on reddit.Ender chests render as a full block when in the inventory, but not when placed.Join us for game discussions, weekly events and skilling competitions!The ender chest's inventory is also separate for each player; consequently, items stored in an ender chest cannot be seen or taken by other players.Opposite from the direction the player faces when placing an ender chest.An ender chest's particles exist only in the 1 block radius around the chest, so if the chest is placed next to a wall its particles will not be seen on the other side.Light from an ender chest.Now have their item model rotated, to have the front face in view of the player.
Tool, breaking time, hand 112.5, wooden.9, stone.45, iron.65, diamond.25.

Bedrock Edition only 6 Gallery edit An ender chest in the Nether.Block states edit See also: Block states Java Edition : Name Default value Allowed values Description facing north east north south west The direction the ender chest's latch.Ender chests contain 27 slots for storage, and can be placed next to other ender chests without joining.Our live supporters will help you step by step to get your RS Stuff.1.11 16w32a The tile entity ID is changed from EnderChest to ender_chest.Block entity edit See also: Block entity format An ender chest has a block entity associated with it that holds additional data about the block.Ender chests emit a light level.Ender chests are a type of chest that can store items, and whose contents can be accessed from anywhere in the world.1.9 15w31a Ender chests now naturally generate in end cities.Ender chests cannot be moved by pistons and will not interact with hoppers, droppers, or comparators.Bedrock Edition.2.13 beta Ender chests now have unique sound effects.18w10d Water can now be placed on the same block as an ender chest.Issues relating to "Ender Chest" are maintained on the bug tracker.Item'price' price GP dps_difference DPS dps_difference DPS dmg_reduced_difference Defense dmg_reduced_difference Defense compared to item'item-name slot, melee, range, magic, prayer.Pocket Edition.0.0 alpha Added ender chests.Block, ender Chest, hardness.5.
3 In response to some users' feelings on the functionality of Ender Chests, Jeb planned to test a feature he has yet to specify in relation to them.