macro item slot numbers wow

2018 ( stats page Updated stat priority for.1.
4157 EzDismount Dismounts you when opening Flightpath 4084 Druid Bar Shows mana in bear/cat form.
236 Titan Panel Soul Shards Counts Warlock shards and shows the number in Titan.IHello Tom, I'm spending far too much time trying to find out what this metal item is I picked up today at a local flea market (in CT).2019 ( talents page Updated talent recommendations.244 FancyChat Contains a lot of functions 240 FuBar-Atlas2 A FuBar button to load Atlas.2018 ( enchants page Updated for Battle for Azeroth launch.38 DetachedMiniButtons Detach and move minimap buttons 37 InviteOMatic Yet another invitemod for Battle Grounds.30561 OmniCC CooldownCount for Everything 30163 Postal An Extension to the Blizzard mail interface.Frost Shock s hit for 200 more, up from 100 more.1868 oCB2 A casting bar replacement 1867 Align Grid to align UI elements.
65 GoodInspect Improves inspect function 64 Titan Plugin Itemized Deduct Drop the cheapest item from your bags 64 Mobile Minimap Buttons Makes the Minimap Buttons Draggable around the Minimap 63 Tracking Menu Replaces the tracking icon on the minimap with an icon that has.

2018 ( addons page Added Earth Elemental Harden Skin macro.51 Gems A silly gem-based minigame.19 Titan BMRecLevel Titan Plug-in for BMRecLevel 19 AcePlayerMenu Hook extra menu to friend list 18 CT BagMod Allows you to rename your bags for easier storage.31 Squishy Improved emergency monitor 31 AuroraCouncil Loot Overview and distribution addon for.12.1 World of Warcraft.56 Boss Block Block/Reduces CT_RABossMods and oRA_Bigwigs spam.22 Link Wrangler 22 Party Spotter Highlight Party members on the WorldMap and distinguish them from Raid members 22 TargetFC Targets the flag carrier in WSG 22 ZoomMap Bind a key to inflate the minimap 22 FuBar-SkillsPlus Shows skills in a tooltip and allow them.124 Nurfed PlayerFrame GypsyVersion2004.11.07 124 QuestHistory An in-game history of quests accepted 124 UberQuest Reborn Dual pane quest list/log window with integrated Minion 123 StrategosCore helps you make faster decision about your battleground's objectives.2019 ( gear page This page has been reviewed and no changes are necessary for the release of the Crucible of Storms raid.2019 ratkojan kasinon alue ( mythic page Updated recommended talents, added information about the seasonal affix Reaping.
21 Bookworm 20 ClosetGnome A gnome helper that keeps your wardrobe organized.

339 cgCrafty Adding quick search functionality to the crafting window.
What is happening is that the simulation is checking what happens if you add 238 of a stat, and how much gain per point that would.