Use this key to quickly restore your Stamina Points ( SP, also called Stamina ).
When using Automatic POV, the camera is pointed down at an angle and always points North.Left Alt H Use Marionette Potion Uses an Marionette Potion, starting from the lowest right corner of your inventory and working.You can also view the quest info by clicking on any quest to view its full requirements, rewards, and progress.Wounds makes your HP bar go black and it will not heal unless you rest(Which is slow and doesn't work in dungeons use bandages or sit by a campfire.This clock display the time it is inside the game.(Some may rank Combat Mastery when they've reached to Rank 5 though!) Generation jackpot city casino withdrawal Quests Generation quests is the main story line of Mabinogi.There are skills for blacksmithing, tailoring, weaving, wheat-harvesting, music performance and composition, camp-fire-building, cooking, fishing and more.Y Open/Close Helmet Opens and Closes the face of a helmet, if it is allowed.You learn about different skills by simply asking about them.Use these keys to quickly replenish Stamina lost from hunger.It also shows the day of the week, the time, the weather in the area you are in, Part-Time Jobs, Raids, the special events of the day, such as the Jousting Tournament and Fashion Contest, the daily Shadow Missions, and Price's current, as well.R Mount/Dismount Quickly mount your pet, if it is mountable.Loaded skills are any skills loaded above your Character's head.Action Window This brings up a list of all currently known Actions.
It has no classes, employing instead a system that lets players improve the skills they want with practice, levelling them up gradually with AP points.
This is really great and keeps the game pretty fresh, but I'm telling you now that you should be careful on how high you level your character.

You can also vaguely estimate the location of enemies, switches, and various other things depending on your location.Intelligence/INT is what determine your magical damage.Sometimes just simply kill one Boss leveled enemy.I'd like to note that a magic attack's balance is affected by a hidden stat and not by the balance stat you see.(Backslash Key) Open/Close Interface Hides all windows, included conversation windows.V Take Off/Land Use this key to take Flight if the pet can Fly.Injury Rate is what determine how much you will wound your target.Move your Character right, depending on your Point of View.Once you've found out that a skill exists, the challenge is finding someone who can teach it to you, after which you can start improving it on your own.No key Feed Pet HP Potion Quickly feeds your pet an HP Potion, starting from the lowest right corner of your inventory and working.J Use MP Potion Uses an MP Potion, starting from the lowest right corner of your inventory and working.Left Ctrl C View the next tab on the Character Window Switches to the next tab in the Character Window, if it is open.It also displays your current.M Mini Map Brings up the Mini Map.There are various quest markers that will also be shown on the map if the Quest Info is enabled.
No Key Pet's Adorable Act Allows the pet to do an action exclusive to the pet?

G Use Antidote Potion Uses an Antidote Potion, starting from the lowest right corner of your inventory and working.
You can do these missions in Taillteann and Tara by getting the missions from the Shadow Mission boards and then go to the stonehenge.
If you have not created one, you can create, provided you reached a total level of 10 and has received a Homestead Ticket.