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Saturday 23rd of March.
Saturday 2nd of March Lisänumerot Tuplaus.
There are six prize tiers available in Finlands Lotto and you can also play the Plus number for a chance to multiply your winnings by five.You can add up to 1 million to the original value of a prize in this way.Prizes, some of the Lotto prizes are fixed amounts and some are calculated on a pari-mutuel basis, which means they depend on how many tickets are sold and how many winners there are in each tier.The jackpot is won by matching all seven main numbers.Prize Fund Distribution, average Lotto Prize, average Prize with Plus Number 7 1 in 18,643,560.Keno Hot numbers, bonus figli 2017 hot numbers (last 20 draws) show all x 10x 10x 9x 9x 9x 8x 8x 8x 8x, hot numbers (last 10 draws) x 7x 6x 5x 5x 5x 5x 5x 5x 5x, hot pairs of numbers (last 20 draws) x.The cost of playing Joker is 2, and you can also play Double Joker for an extra.Saturday 9th of February Lisänumerot Tuplaus.Numbers Matched in Correct Position Odds of Winning Joker Prize Joker Double Prize 7 1 in 10,000,000 Jackpot Double Jackpot 6 1 in 158,730 20,000 40,000 5 1 in 5,878 500 1,000 4 1 in in in 8 3 6 Interesting Fact The how to get sponsored by casino biggest ever.Random Numbers Generator, lotto Keno Euro Jackpot Viking Lotto.
If it is not won in a given draw, it will roll over to the next one and will continue to do so until someone wins.

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Click the "Give me my predictions!" button (next box) to view your set of predictions.Take a look at them and, if you don't like them, simply ask another set of 5 by clicking the "Other 5, please!" button.The value of the jackpot is determined by lottery provider Veikkaus before the draw.Saturday 30th of March, lisänumerot, tuplaus.Date: 2019 April2019 March2019 February2019 January2018 December2018 November2018 October2018 September2018 August2018 July2018 June2018 May2018 April2018 March2018 February2018 January2017 December2017 November2017 October2017 September2017 August2017 July2017 June2017 May2017 April2017 March2017 February2017 January2016 December2016 November2016 October2016 September2016 August2016 July2016 June2016 May2016 April2016 March2016 February2016 January2015 December2015 November2015 October2015 September2015.The more numbers you match, the bigger the prize.

If you match the Plus number without winning any other prizes, you win.