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Imluckbox (Thailand) 120,630.39 Thanks for following our 2017 wcoop reporting on the PokerStars Blog.
@hardboiledpoker, september 26, 2017 2:54.Get a 50 gift card after your first purchase.Thank you for sharing.Among the cashers to that point was Team PokerStars Pro Andre "aakkari" Akkari in 195th (11,570.99 who at the time was also final-tabling Event #77-H (1,050 nlhe) where he later would finish seventh.That's one sweet score, SvZff wcoop-79-H: 5,200 nlhe (Main Event) lotto 19 settembre 2017 Entries: 2,183 (1,804 entries, 379 re-entries) Prize pool: 10,915,000 Places paid: 278.Romanooo64 (Thailand) 166,961.29.A couple of hours after that just 50 were left, with uknowProsky* on the rail in 96th (19,481.09) and kebab-setä having emerged as the new chip leader.
SvZff swiftly stacks joshuah333, wins Main Event Van Zadelhoff had the lead back before that knockout and that pot boosted it even further, giving him 75,936,059 to start heads-up play versus joshuah333's 33,213,941.

Terms and conditions, offset uses cookies to improve your site experience.Romanooo64 decided JJ was plenty good and called, while Mantovani stepped aside.A few hours before play began on Tuesday, van Zadelhoff tweeted some humorous, mock incredulity regarding the situation to his followers: Van Zadelhoff was rarin' to go on the very first hand on Tuesday, open-shoving from the small blind to put short stack Geokarak.JeremiieLand (Austria) 442,677.47.Then a hand arose in which Steven "SvZff" van Zadelhoff opened for.26 million from under the gun and both joshuah333 (button) and Mantovani (big blind) called.The host Antonio came on shortly after to remind everyone the final table would be replayed later with hole cards exposed, to which van Zadelhoff cracked "o damn couldn't you have told me earlier?".Piekaltusi gaa, eaini un jli fr kartupei.Piedegusi maize, prslti kartupei.They were close to eight hours into Day 2 when just 18 players remained, seated around the final two tables.That topped last year's total number of entries (2,091) and prize pool (10,052,879.79).About a half-hour into Day 3, the blinds were 150,000/300,000 when imluckbox - who won a scoop event a year ago (700 nlhe) - open-raised all in for almost.7 million from the button, then Kekkhou reraise-shoved from the small blind to isolate.Imluckbox had picked up an ace with A5, but Kekkhou - winner of this year's Event #29-H (2,100 NLO8, 6-Max) - also had one and a better kicker with.