kasino pay by text

Russian Expo has been on the market for a decade.
For each sentence 9 - 13, mark the right variant on your answer sheet.
The company has got close links with the foreign countries, they are good and reliable partners.It can take place if the Seller, that is Russian Expo, fails to deliver machines in the time stipulated in the contract.You will see a parade of people dressed in traditional costumes and brandishing large beer glasses.The inspectors of the Buyer's often go to Russian Expo plant to conduct inspection and tests.Russian Expo has a dozen of contracts with them for delivery of machines and spare parts for them.
Reading questions Read the text below, which tells us about the company.
Naturally, there is a festival in New York.

As these companies are good partners, they often get a discount.There will be lots of dancing, singing and laughing too.You can also taste different sorts of beer, local and from overseas and taste delicious what is a bingo game called snacks that go with.There will also be a Gala Party at the Lighthouse later in the day.Von Steuben day celebrates baron Von Steuben coming to George Washington to volunteer.The Gala is organized to support the parade.Every contract includes the clause about penalty and arbitration.Are sentences 9 - 13 "right "wrong" or "there is no information in the text"?If you have found a typo or a mistake, select the text fragment containing it and press Ctrl.
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