Welcome back to my walkthrough of Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures!
Unfortunately, for some reason it refuses to run on my main computer and I've yet to find a solution to this problem.
The three bonus levels are: Was this guide helpful?
The fifth chest is behind the Thuggee statue stage right.Remember artifacts are completed by finding all ten treasure chests in one level.Buying the pieces with studs will not unlock the bonus levels.It releases studs again and again, so you should be able to collect a million in under 5 minutes.Take the key to the artifact room.If you've been able to build the track in your game, I'd love to hear how you did.I have experience both the entirely unplayable and the running absolutely perfect with this game on two separate computers.Now all you have to do is start collecting Treasures from each level.(But if that's the case, why are you reading this?) As long as you've found one Treasure, you can buy the rest of the pieces by standing in front of the artifact's pedestal and pressing the Action Button.As you find each chest place it in the center of the office.The second chest is way up high on a shelf in the back of the room.
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Ive unlocked the warehouse bonus level but i don #39;t know live omaha poker what to do.

Use a Thuggee character to pray in front of the statue to open a panel in the wall revealing a crawlspace.That doesn't mean that you will for sure run into problems but, it's a Lego game.I personally don't enjoy the newer Lego games nearly as much as the older ones.Send in a short character in to retrieve the last Chest.If you find all 10 in a level, the completed artifact will show up in the Artifact Room.Warehouse will be unlocked after you complete nine more artifacts.Don't fret if you can't find all 10 in a level and for some reason can't be bothered to use this incredibly helpful guide.What do i do?I have searched the, lucas Arts support forum and many other sites, and so far I've found lots of players reporting the same problem but no solution.However if you want to unlock the bonus levels you must collect each artifact from every stage.Use Willie's scream or explosives to blow up the glass encased Chest on the right.(Click any of the screenshots below to enlarge.).It's in Indy's office at Barlett College, but it is hidden in a very clever way.These six characters will help you access five chests hidden around the office.I think it's even better, being an older Lego game.
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Find a blue diamond and place it on a pedestal, revealing the crank for the key.