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Cells marked with yellow are faction/role combinations that can be doable to get since their is a few but not many.
Event Rewards updated on November 2nd.The 1888 Gems box contains Skerei limited skin.Do not spend on refreshing the shop.Fusion and Awakening Event Fusion/ Awakening Limit Rewards K 1000x 600x 6 8 4000K 5000x 300x 1x 9 3 8000K 8000x 2x x 4x Fusion and Awakening Infographic Creation Circle Infographic Updated December 6th 2018 Broken Spaces Event This is an event which is loved by veteran players who has.The 1200x Gem Box is the least valuable.This will give you plenty of heroes which can be used to fuse 6 heroes or awakening heroes even higher.Weekly Events Heroic Summon Event One of the most the most beloved events by players who have a high hero bag limit.This is because If you get some rare items at the first spins, they will get shadowed and you will not have the chance to get them again before refreshing, making the rest of your spins is a waste If you spin 10 at once.You can refresh the Casino wheel for free once every 3 hours.Gem Box: Cheaper Gem Boxes with better rewards!Do not fuse 5 Light/Dark heroes to complete the Fusion Event.The Super Wishing Fountain ( Super Casino ) is like a super version of the normal Wishing Fountain ( Casino ).Luckily DH Games usually release some hints before Friday.These are 4 osrs blackjack training Heroes available from the Casino Wheel: Once again, the chance of getting them from the Casino is only.1 The Casino Store.k.a Lucky Store For every spin on the Idle Heroes Casino, you receive 10x Luck Coin.The Check In rewards you with free Gems, Heroic Scrolls and Hero Shards by logging in every day.One Chip gives you one spin.

It is better to use random 4 Hero Shards, instead of faction specific 4 Hero Shards.Keep the faction specific shards for Shelter Events.Event Guide Updated November 16th, 2018 Check In The Check In menu is located at the top left of your game homescreen.By understanding the performance of your marketing, you can make informed decisions that enable you to be more effective and impactful with your investment.We pride ourselves on transparency and performance, and have built a client dashboard that provides anytime access to the metrics for your marketing campaigns and programs with Postmedia. .2x 500x Event daily rewards.PvE players can stop at 6 gear if you prefer to spend your elsewhere.If you are at least VIP 3 you should save your 1000-point energy bar and use it for this event.Equip your heroes with artifacts that increases damage against the roles of the bosses (XX Damage against Assassin/Warrior/ etc) If youre coming to a point where youre almost able to beat a boss level, it might be worth waiting with your attacks till the day.The djeco lotto tiere event items can be used to exchange with various items in the Events Shop.After your account reaches level 80, you should pay gems to complete extra Hero Challenges within the Event Raid every day.Unless you are certain you can still complete the entire Heroic Miracle Event by doing.But a bit more bothersome for players with a small hero bag limit.Cells marked in blue are faction/role combinations that can be fairly easy to get as they are plentiful.Hero bag space is limited, however, Shard space is unlimited.
The event often comes with 1 or more hero(es) that are deemed the Heroes of the Week.
Best Tips for the Campaign Loot Events (Shop Event) Always try to collect your loot in the Campaign at least once every 10 hours.