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01011000, you dermosil bonus pieced together the mysterious contact and aided Helle in remembering who she really.
Reward for completing Side Mission 07: "Fade to Black".
Koller will give you Otar's location.
It will allow you to convince Otar that you want to obtain the calibrator for your own use, and he doesn't have to worry about the law enforcement.The goal of the conversation with Otar is to be allowed to take the calibrator.In mission 16 you must either go save Miller or fight Marchenko.For this trophy you must go help Allison (Main Mission 11).If you haven't been to Koller, you will have to steal the device.The Last Harvest Using the casie and.The calibrator is in the safe, visible on the above screenshot.One single enemy can be found there.The passage is blocked by a big chest.Mandatory - Travel to Cista Ctvrt - You have to reach Capek metro station and travel to the northern part of Prague (.Otherwise, the priority should be to unlock the normal augmentations, which will be useful in the further part of the game.The calibrator will be on the table.Go to the room on the floor (M9,4).Finding the casino, main entrance to the casino.Reward for completing Side Mission.ColorredThis can only be triggered during your first and second visit to Prague and gets unavailable after mission./color.
Regardless of the way of acquiring the calibrator, the main character will contact Vaclav Koller.

Spokes in Two Wheels, you managed to stop both the bombing the Orchid poisoning.Stealing the calibrator The northern corridor Stealing the calibrator is an option if you don't want to make a deal with Otar, you failed the conversation, or you want to avoid this meeting completely.ColorredReward for completing Side Mission: The Last Harvest.Video Walkthrough, travel to the Palisade District and Get the Calibrator edit, take the subway over to the Palisade Station and look for a small courtyard that has a manhole painted like a casino chip - and hop down into the sewers.Read it to start the mission.When you robbed the bank you can give him the antidote to save his life.God Killer, you completed the debate with Allison Stanek.Rush to him as quickly as you can and defeat him.During this mission 9 "Checking Out the Men in Charge" youll have to use the neural subnet in the TF29 facility to visit a computer simulation (just like breach mode).For completing the conversation, you can receive 1000 experience points at most.If you fail negotiations, or just dont like being held to a promise with no details, there are alternatives.Samizdat, you opted to work with the Samizdat group spread their news throughout Picus media streams.Receiving the calibrator thanks to a conversation with Otar.All Achievements are in alphabetical sequence.Your dialogue choices dont matter.