druid order campaign 3rd relic slot

Reply With", 03:11 AM #4, deleted, originally Posted by lyphe, anyone see a guide on this?
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Preparations for Invasion: Ship-Shape 12hrs, preparations for Invasion: Where Are the Felsouls?Total time : 106 hours 34 minutes.So unless you counter that hazard, the times can be 16 and 24 hours etc.You Have Achieved Free Self Play Free Boost casino opa locka Just for 500 Koro Points!Reply With", 07:47 PM #11 Originally Posted by Enterich Is this realy the last step?Viewing This Product 5 Great reasons to buy from us: Here you can buy World of Warcraft (Wow) Class Hall Campaign - 3rd Slot Relic Access boost.Use Our Reward Program!There's two of those 5 mission quests, i think yoU're doing the first one Reply With", 01:55 AM #15 Originally Posted by Voodo Maybe my char is bugged then because I'm on the si 7 one and my missions are 12-18h, not.Unholy Attainment: Essence of Undeath The Shadowlands 12hrs.Gathering the Dreamweavers: Thisalee Crow Azsuna 8hrs powering the portalx10 4hrs latloto jackpot each 40hrs.Is this realy the last step?Preparations for Invasion: Snatch and Grab 12hrs.Reply With", 10:58 PM #14 Deleted Originally Posted by Enterich Is this realy the last step?Fallen Steeds: Saddle of the Headless Horseman Scarlet Monastery 8hrs.
After that you get your third relic spot.
Fallen Steeds: The Baron's Saddle Stratholme 8hrs.

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You will get achievement, a Glorious Campaign.

Preparations for Invasion: Scouting their Hold 12hrs.