Just behind it deposit bonus 2017 may is a ramp.
Two bombs float best off hand slot around these boxes.Then go and break those boxes.When it turns off, jump onto the eurojackpot tulokset perjantai platform it.Blue GEM path Go up the stairs and then go onto the oil on the floor.Box in front of you to make a platform move over to you.Then jump over the pit and onto that conveyer belt.Keep going until you get to the ramp with the Green!Right as you pass it, move to the right to avoid a pit.If you take the purple gem path, you can get the Aku Aku near the entrance of it to stay invincible longer and then be invincible along most of the path.During a time trial, there will be a fourth choice, Restart Trial.Break the four boxes at the bottom of it and then swim through.Kill him by jumping on his head and then continue.The gun can also be used to break boxes and shoot down enemies in planes.If you don't, you won't go very fast.Jump over the pit when you come to it and then jump over the next one when you come to that one.
At the top is a wall that opens and closes.
In front of you will be two more rays of light.

When I used the speed shoes to get it, I got it with only seconds to spare.10 - Level 10: Midnight Run Gems: 1 silver Boxes: walkthrough Another level where Coco rides a tiger.Now you will come to three bounce boxes over a pit with another bounce box above.Make the TNT explode by jumping on it or by shooting it to hit the!If you take this speed boost, you will go to fast.Break the next four boxes and then stop at the pit.After that will be three boxes nearly surrounded by bombs.One important thing to remember about this level is that the grass slows you down.