Interacting with chests with exclamation marks is necessary in this stage because this allows you to unlock passages and neutralize traps (the missing parts of floors).
Sane Trilogy, level number 30 31 (.The hidden boxes are above the top one.You can now go through the portal.Continue your journey and find Tawna's second token.During this round you must destroy 12 chests but doing it is very complicated.Remember that you shouldn't stay in one place for too long because new monsters will respawn in the places of the avoided or eliminated ones.You can also try to avoid them.Red Gem in Slippery Climb or the, green Gem in Lost City.Getting the Yellow Gem in, crash Bandicoot the first game in the, crash Bandicoot.Approach the electrified poles and wait for a good moment to jump on one of the TNT chests presented in the picture.After a few moments you reach a chest with Tawna's third token and a portal that teleports Crash to a bonus round.The Great Hall, original,.
Start by hitting the metal chest.

Sane Trilogy number of crates, none, gem type, none.This could possibly be a small error that the producers forgot to fix.Since the green gem ( The Lost City orange gem ( Generator Room and purple gem ( Lights Out ) are each only required for one clear gem, it is possible to reach the ending without one of these also.In Japanese) is the thirtieth level (thirty-first.Continue walking until you reach a room with a scientist that throws phials.Sanity Beach Jungle Rollers The Great Gate Boulders Upstream Rolling Stones Hog Wild Native Fortress Wumpa Island: Up the Creek The Lost City Temple Ruins Road lenovo thinkpad yoga 460 memory upgrade to Nowhere Boulder Dash Whole Hog Sunset Vista Cortex Island: Heavy Machinery Cortex Power Generator Room Toxic Waste The.The Great Hall doesn't exist in the prototype because the gems were not created yet.Try to not detonate it accidentally and when bonuskortti viinaralli a countdown starts you must move away from the chest.Now, you must jump onto the very edge of the lower one so you can bounce around the top one.Sane Trilogy hint, return here when you've earned every clear gem.If you can land on the top one, you can bounce up to smash the other two crates.Eliminate him and activate new checkpoint.You must know that you have a limited amount of time to cross a path and the mechanisms from the exclamation mark chests will go back to their initial state.You must watch out for sliding floor and electrical discharges.
Bonus round(s none, great!

Hitting the exclamation mark chest opens a passage to a new room presented in the picture above.