Sweden orders additional anti-ship missiles from Saab.
Three of the GPS-guided rounds flew to the.
"Because each bonus shell carries two smart munitions, its mission success per round is far greater than with traditional ammunition, providing the Swedish army with clear advantages Lena Gillström, managing director for BAE Systems' Weapon Systems business in Sweden, said in a press release.Bofors 155mm bonus artillery round, which the Swedish army this week contracted to obtain more of from BAE Systems.3, 2017 / 11:21.More like witcher 3 corvo bianco bonuses this., The latest military news : What's interesting is that ten years ago, bonus might not have seemed so attractive: For Latest News Can Be Free.Must watch for online earning m/Adsense2015 m/user/Adsense2015.Read More, bAE receives 40M from Lockheed for sensor technology.As soon as a threat is located, the munition immediately moves into the attack phase to accomplish its mission and destroy the target.The 155mm bonus artillery-launched, fire-and-forget munition is capable of successfully combating any armored vehicle.BAE partners with Czech firm on mortar system.More like this., ATK's Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) transforms existing 155mm high explosive artillery projectiles into affordable, GPS-guided precision weapons.The army has used this smart munition since 2003.
Technical datacalibre 155 mmBallistic Similitude M 864Carry-to-gun Weight 45 kgLength w/o fuze 898 mmMaximum Range jbmou L/52 35 km jbmou L/39 27 km Fuze TimePHit one target per shellSubmunition Descent/Rotation Descent Velocity 45 m/s Spin rate 15 rps Optical Axis 30o to spin axisSearch Pattern.
The additional artillery rounds are expected to strengthen Sweden's operational capabilities for its long range, indirect fire Archer artillery weapon systems.

The Bofors 155mm bonus artillery rounds are capable of detecting and striking heavily armored vehicles at a range slightly over 21 miles.More like this., Read our related post on defense-update:.Find something tell your friends you like LongList.Photo courtesy of BAE Systems.More like this., Must watch for online earning m/Adsense2015 m/user/Adsense2015.This weapon can engage targets.Each of the two expelled munitions independently seeks and neutralizes its own target.Sweden plans large joint military exercise with nato.Download, report, transcript, bofors 155mm bonus Anti-Armor, Top Attack Artillerybonus gives 155mm cannon artillery long-range capability to destroy enemy combat vehicles, ranging from armored personnel carriers and self-propelled guns, to infantry fighting vehicles and main battle tanks.The bonus round is fired from a regular 155mm howitzer and releases two submunitions who then searches for armored vehicles in a spiral pattern.More like this., Projectile guidance technology has already been used since 1994 in 120 mm mortars, with the IR homing Bofors/Saab Strix.