As I say though that final slot is unlocked as part of the story so dont worry.
Contributor, if you were one of the thousands who heeded Kristan's wise words and bought a copy of BioShock on release, rocketing the game to the top of the all-format charts in the process, then you've probably bonus ticket bahn already experienced the wonders of Rapture and are.
Insect Swarm, splicers don't carry around rolled-up newspapers so a swarm of stinging bees will certainly inconvenience them.
It is worth 10 Gamerscore or a Bronze Trophy.Great if there are groups of enemies and you want to encourage a little infighting, even better if you're taking on a Big Daddy as you can enlist the help of Splicers.Insect Swarm 2 and 3, which breed successively angrier insects who swarm harder and longer, are available from Hephaestus (80 Adam) and Olympus Heights (120 Adam) respectively.This sits alongside Target Dummy as a Plasmid for those who like to play with guile and lay traps.Hit an enemy with Enrage and they'll fight the good fight for you.Do you have a question about this achievement?It's not possible to upgrade this Plasmid.Incinerate 2 offers increased heat and can be vended from the machines in Fort Frolic for 80 Adam.For more information, go here.You can also use it on devices to increase the time available for hacking.Achievement Details, fully upgrade to the maximum number of Plasmid Slots.If you do want it, pick up the standard Plasmid from machines in the Farmer's Market for 60 Adam.Simply buy all of the plasmid slots available at the Gatherer's Garden.Target Dummy, if you like to play a more measured game than an all-out assault, you can use Target Dummy to fool enemies and draw their fire.Note: For Plasmids and Gene Tonics available from Gatherer's Garden machines, only the location where you can first buy them is listed, yet they'll be available from every machine from that point.Next, sometimes we include links to online retail stores.

Winter Blast, this three-tiered Plasmid will freeze common enemies for a few seconds, letting you shatter them dead.Neat but not essential as you can always hack security devices.Theyre actually quite cheap.Incinerate is located in the Medical Pavilion area, inside the Eternal Flame crematorium - crawl through the small hole in the wall on the upper floor to find.Was this guide helpful?Dedicate a slot to this Plasmid and upgrade as and when you can.Also useful for plucking missiles and grenades out of the air and returning them to sender loton voittorivit kautta aikain (hello Nitro Splicers!).The final Plasmid slot is unlocked towards the end of the game as part of the story (along with the final of the 11 plasmids).You may gain the last available plasmid slot as part of the second-to-last stage.Telekinesis is located in the Medical Pavilion area, inside the Dandy Dental clinic.Of course you can also use it to torch enemies, either directly or by igniting pools of oil or explosive canisters.
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Both varieties of Cyclone Trap are available from machines in Arcadia - the first for 60 Adam and the second more turbulent version for 100.
Target Dummy is available from Gatherer's Garden machines in Neptune's Bounty for 60 Adam.
TrueAchievements, games, bioShock 2, max Plasmid Slots 1,643 (1,035).