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Posts: 12,280 Re: cash 6MAX preflop charts I was much more passive at 10nl with stats like 24/16 and low 3b yah.
Because once again, most of the time nobody actually has anything!
This means that when the recreational player limps into the pot you can often raise it up and get the pot heads up against them pretty easily.I will be betting any broadway card for instance (T, J, Q, K or A) and possibly some hearts as well.You need to start playing a few more hands from milloin lotto peli sulkeutuu all positions preflop as well as betting and barreling more postflop.You should be floating and raising more often as well especially against the weaker regs.I will be sharing with you my top tricks and tips that I have learned over the years from playing millions of hands of 6-Max online and crushing these ginirommi korttipeli games.EViiizWasteD, 03:38 PM # enthusiast Join Date: Apr 2018 Posts: 81 Re: cash 6MAX preflop charts, 03:42 PM # enthusiast Join Date: Apr 2018 Posts: 81 Re: cash 6MAX preflop charts « Previous Thread Next Thread » Posting Rules You may not post new threads.Here are some of the most common ones.
You should add a few of the next worst hands in every scenario when you play 6-Max.

We can use this to help us table select effectively.The blinds will eat you alive and the better regs will push you around all day.And again, please don't try to play these exact starting hands in every situation.Check out my full guide on player types at the lower limits for more on which regulars to target.In time you will start to think with more of a 6-Max mentality.At a full ring table, i would typically suggest playing about the top 15 of all hands that are dealt to you.It really just involves expanding your range a little bit in nearly all facets of the game.You can use a chart to develop you 6 max opening ranges but it also all depends on the table dynamics.In a 6-Max game you need to be continuing with a lot more hands after the flop.We should also remember, that some of these choices have a bit of a knock-on or trending effect.Make sure to check their Went to Showdown numbers (wtsd) on your HUD for more evidence of this.I have done a lot of research in Pokertracker 4 about postflop raising ranges for regs at the lower stakes online.