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Here is a talent list for a warrior seeking max mitigation this list is just a point to get started from: Arms (8 points) 5/5 Deflection 5 parry is one of your cheapest mitigation per talent point talents 3/3 Improved Thunder Clap One of your.
18 block value (0.36 mitigation against a 5000 point hit) I go with stamina, you need enough stamina to survive, this is one nice place to get.Firstly, the gear drops at 5 and 10 item levels higher from the first and second boss bonuksen siirto of the raid, respectively (compared to gear dropped from the same difficulty in Battle of Dazar'alor).Steelweave is not the best enchant for avoidance, even though it is one of the most commonly used.There are one of three possible outcomes of a boss parrying your attack: If the next attack would normally occur within 20 of your weapon speed after the parry, there is no effect.Have a plan of attack for where you are going to move as your tanking positions become filled with flame crash.Dont worry about the aesthetics of your GUI it is your GUI, and not the kids who is commenting on how ugly or cluttered it looks.If you run a melee heavy group, you may want to use curse of recklessness, this means an improved form of attack power reduction would be prudent.Red Havoc Boots Great boots for their location in progression Belt of the Guardian Decent louvre theming bonus civ 5 for tanking Blacksmithing is not cheap to raise (it is probably the most expensive profession to increase).The math on movement speed when it comes to DPS is as follows (from Malans guide Let D be your dps without a boot enchant.

Softened language about improved heroic strike.If you've wiped dodges off the boss' table with expertise, on the other hand, it will be temporarily wasted.24:03.7 Azgalor hits Methos for 7874 (867 blocked) 24:04.9 Methos's Devastate was dodged by Azgalor.Skill Decisions A threat based build is often used during farm mode.DPS Tank talent choices.It is important to understand that the relative mitigation offered by Last Defender and Violet Signet are entirely dependant on a players gear, and the mob they are fighting (and how often they block).For example, some trinkets have special effects that are extremely powerful, and you will want to seek them out regardless of item level.

Nightmare Seed : Increases your health by 2000 for 30 sec.
This means that the threat per rage (or relative efficiency) of heroic strike is slapped twice, and it actually becomes a rather terrible ability to use in a low rage situation.
Warriors with the improved defensive stance talent mitigate an additional 6 of spell damage.